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Pony Trekking Near Worcester


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WElcome to beoley equestrIan

Amongst the well-established riding schools in Worcestershire, Beoley Equestrian Centre is characterised by an ideal combination of well-trained horses / ponies, skilled instructors, and picturesque open fields. Known to provide friendly horse riding lessons to schools and families throughout Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and the West Midlands. We also organise pony trekking trips and arrange children’s’ pony parties.

Beoley Equestrian Centre limited brings the pleasure of horse riding to all ages, abilities and sizes. From the family group for leisure, to the serious career student. We give quality tuition by trained staff who try to make the learning process fun as well as safe. For the complete beginner (adult or child) through to all levels, we have a large selection of horses and ponies to suit the smallest of children to the largest of adults. Our excellent facilities provide plenty of variety and our friendly staff inspire confidence. Our many other attractions are there for everyone to enjoy.

We privately own 55 acres of open fields and woodland, including streams, pond, hay meadows and cross country jumps. This enables us to take people trekking across beautiful countryside without setting hoof on the public highway. This is of particular benefit to young children, novice riders, mixed ability groups and the disabled. For the more adventurous rider, we are 10 minutes ride from Arrow Valley Park which is a 900 acre site with a wealth of bridle paths.


Here is our official Riding Establishment License.

BHS Accredited COACHES

Coaching and training is provided by BHS accredited coaches.

Some words about our company

We are a small friendly family run business with a dedicated team of trained staff. Over the last two to three years we have concentrated on encouraging families to enjoy learning to ride together and most of all to have fun.

Beoley Equestrian Centre has much to offer and you are welcome to come along to meet us and see our amenities.

We are used by some schools in the area and would be prepared to organize a package to suit the needs of your school and the demands of the National Curriculum.

It is now very popular to hold your birthday party here with the ponies, have your own gymkhana, picnic ride or B.B.Q, or if you prefer"Own A Pony" for a day with friends.

We are closed each Wednesday. But please call in or telephone and we will do our best to answer your queries.


We have an adult beginner lesson 6.30 on a Thursday night, and private lessons everyday (bar Wednesday when we are closed).

Iit is best to ring so we can arrange the best thing for you


We have a Grooming Day, Pony Club Exam Day, Games Day, Dressage Fun Day and a whole lot any of the images below to see all the information and dates...


We have vacancies for BEGINNER LESSONS on the following evenings and weekends :-

Monday - 4.30pm Child Beginner
Tuesday - 4.30pm Child Beginner
Thursday - 4.30pm Child Beginner
Thursday - 6.30pm Adult Beginner
Friday - 7.30pm Adult Beginner

Sunday - 10.00am Adult Beginner

Saturday - 4.00pm Adult Beginner
Sunday - 4.00pm Adult Beginner

Saturday - 10.00am Child Beginner
Saturday - 3.00pm Child Beginner
Sunday - 10.00am Child Beginner
Sunday - 3.00pm Child Beginner


The Pony ClubAssociation of British Riding Schools

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