Disabled riding

As a well – renowned horse riding school in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands and with a team of approachable and empathetic trainers, Beoley Equestrian Centre provides specialised horse riding lessons for children with autism, aspergers and ADHD. To continue our work in this area we have partnered with several autism schools in the region.

We have wheelchair access to the mounting block and friendly volunteer helpers.

There are several horses and ponies that are used regularly for disabled riders and two of these, Misty and Shandy have recently been awarded Long Service Medals after many years of dedication

On Saturday we run two classes for our disabled children, at 12 o'clock and 4 o'clock, and occasionally hold special social events. Watch our Diary for details.

The majority of our staff have received specialized training in regards to teaching disabled riding groups and all staff have recently attended a "child awareness" course.


( Boys and Girls)

We have a number of adult and child autistic/aspergers clients.

Where as we don't pretend to be medical qualified , we do have a reasonable (first hand ) knowledge of the subject and do have access to an educational psychologist who specialises in this field from whom we can get advise.

We are aware of the difficulties of the thought patterns of autism, the need for routine especially when accompanied with ADHD. And appreciate that what may look like bad behaviour is not.
For people who use sensor to calm autism we also offer the facility to touch and groom ponies.

In recent years it has been possible for some children to come here as an alternative or along side school.
Where older children with problems look as though they are not going to achieve within school , the school has funded them to come and learn about horses (both riding and stable management) so they can take ABRS (Association of British Riding Schools) tests so they leave education with some form of qualification.
The ABRS tests are a nationally recognised qualification that start off very basic but can rise to instructor level. They cover both riding and stable management so can be achieved by none riders .
Many autistic people ,although extremely clever, cannot cope with the pressure of exams….they are to intense. Where we score here is some of our staff are also ABRS examiners. This enables us to do the exams very low key, on site and with people they are familiar with. We are proud to say we have an incredibly high pass rate.

A small number of children who are in the care of the local authority are funded to learn to ride.
As they progress they often spend the whole day here on a regular basis riding and stable management. This greatly improves their social skills and gives them a keen interest making them feel better about themselves. Amazingly as long as they want to be here we have few behaviour problems. Obviously every child is different so we do have to just "play it by ear".
In a nutshell if …You , another adult, your child, your foster child or anybody on the autistic spectrum you think may benefit from us please get in touch tel 01527 65494 and ask to speak to Nigel or Debs and we will do our very best to accommodate

To ride as a disabled rider, a medical form needs to be completed, these are available in our reception.

We look forward to seeing you !



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