I'm big and beautiful Boris and the mares love me..... it's great. I am a little nervous of traffic so I'm not made to go on the roads I love posing and I'm very good at dressage.

I'm Benson and I am a very cute pony. I play with Muffin but his mum Dinky gets cross if we are too naughty.

Hello my name is Chico. I love to be fussed but I don't like noisy people. I enjoy my work and do it as fast as I can. I like quiet gentle riders.

Hello I'm Dapple my best friend is Cindy and we do everything together and we are inseparable. I used to be part of a driving team pulling little carts years ago.

Hello I'm Herbie. I love being ridden, I get so excited jumping is great fun and I like hacking. I just love it all. I'm quite good mates with Timmy and we like to play.

Hi I'm Jack. I hate being in a stable so they let me stay in the corral so I can keep and eye on what is going on. I quite like Misty but don't tell her that as she can be a bit clingy.

I'm DANNY - Alright! I'm a cool dude and everyone likes me. I'm really good at my job and I think I'm cuter than Muppet.

Hi I'm Muppet I know I'm cute and cuddly I love to play in the field with my buddy Danny. Only little children are lucky enough to ride me

PANTO - Sometimes we are asked to supply horses or pony's for pantomime.

I'm Peggy I stand no nonsense from the rest of the herd. I keep them all in line. I love everything I do especially jumping and hacking out.

My name is Polo I've only just arrived at BEC but I am very experienced. It looks a lot of fun here and I hope people will love me.

Hi I'm Timmy, I'm ace. Everyone loves me cos I do everything they want. I've learnt so much as BEC I love what I do.

We provide lessons for all levels. Individual or group. Riding or riding and jumping..

I'm waiting to give my rider a lesson she'll remember because I love being ridden :-)

We have some great facilities, both indoor and outdoor for teaching and helping your riding skills.

Other gallery photos we thought you'd like....

We thought you'd like to see more photo's of other various things that what we do at Beoley Events, Birthday parties, Hacks, Special events and more....

We've aslo added some photo's of our fantastic location FROM THE AIR to remind you of how much riding space we have surrounding our centre.

Many thanks for all your photo's !

Nigel - owner - Beoley Equestrian


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